Case Study

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+300% Increase in Website Traffic within 30 Days

One of our recent brokers has received some great results right out of the gate. We started this campaign in late March 2020 and immediately saw some fantastic increases after our first round of website changes…

Big jumps in keyword ranks, some directly onto Page 1.

These changes occurred after implementing our initial SEO changes to the website. It took a week for Google to see these changes and then adjust the positioning. After 8 months paying another SEO company and not seeing the keywords move, we think the results of our expertise speak for themselves!

Proof is in the pudding, we continue to advance from here…

300% Traffic Increase

Following the keyword rank increases, the website promptly saw an increase in traffic. This traffic graph shows sessions per day, consistently growing from 5 in early April, to 20 at the end of April. A very nice increase of 300%.

92% Application Increase

This is where it gets real. Keywords and Traffic are great, but what does it mean for the business? In this case we saw a respective jump in website applications, from 13 in March to 25 in April. This number continues to grow and bring in reliable new business every month!

How We Deliver The Results That You Want!

Our service initiates a specialised campaign for your site consisting of the most updated industry standard best practices and web friendly methods to gain maximum exposure to your local market….driving more traffic to your website and more customers for your business.

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