“The best marketing of all is happy clients!”


Increase online visibility, convert more prospects and drive more sales with this proven strategy you can use to take control of your business’ online reputation and the lead flow that follows it.

Stand head and shoulders above the competition when your loan prospects are comparing local brokers to engage, no matter what current level of online reputation your business currently has.

In this strategy pack, I’ll be giving you:

  • The 7 elements you’ve got to include in EVERY campaign (and why excluding ANY of them will kill your chances of growing effectively)
  • A 4-Part copy & paste template sequence designed to generate a high ratio of reviews (and 5-Star ratings) for your business, each and every month!
  • Proven, actionable steps that you can use to increase your online reputation and let your best clients be your top marketers to gain more loan customers



The strategy here for increasing online brand visibility and converting more prospects is by building your reputation on Google with a strong review status.

And the simplest way to build your reviews is simply to ask for them.

We find that this campaign usually brings in between a 70-80% response rate. If you constantly feed this system with clients, you’ll constantly be getting new reviews.

So, we need to contact the client post-settlement, confirm their great experience with us and ask for a review.

However there are a few tactics that can make the process a lot more effective and very streamlined…


1. Email

Email is a great way to reach your clients in an unobtrusive way. They’re already used to dealing with you via email so receiving another message from you will not be unexpected.

You would also pick and choose the clients to send to, so they wouldn’t be bothered to receive more contact from you.

Email is the most common medium these days and can be set up perfectly for this type of outreach campaign.

You already use email daily and have the clients in your contact list.


2. Multiple Touch

Asking for a review once is not enough. People are busy and have a lot of things going on.

It takes multiple attempts to get a response from someone.

Sending multiple emails over time gives the highest response rate than just asking one time. So we need multiple touch points. In this campaign we will send 4 emails.


3. Schedule

We can make our emails more effective by sending them at different times of the week and different times of the day.

People have their own routines and will respond to mail when it suits them. So we need a schedule.

We use the days and times below, you’re welcome to test your own theories or change things up based on your results.

Studies have shown a higher response rate to perform a simple task later in the week, especially on a Friday, in the afternoon.

  • So our first email will be sent on Friday at 12:30pm. We’re hoping to reach people at the end of the week when they’re winding down and generally happier. A lot of response will come from this first mail.
  • Our second mail will go out 3 days later at 7:00pm, the theory being that the people who are busy during the day and didn’t have time for the first mail may be more comfortable in the evening.
  • The third mail is sent 5 days later at 2:00pm, again we’re going to try to reach the client at a different day and time.
  • Forth mail is sent 3 days later again at 2pm, this will be our last attempt at reaching them for a response. The campaign usually doesn’t go this far to get a review but it’s going to be the last time we contact the person, whether they’ve read the previous emails or not.


4. Tracking

Asking multiple times is necessary, but if possible we don’t want to bother the people who have already responded.

Additionally we want to continue the schedule for those who have not. Keeping track of this is therefore beneficial.


5. Link

To get a review written for your Google My Business profile, we will be sending the client directly over to Google to do this.

We have found ‘gating’ your feedback before leaving a review is not as effective as the direct method. It also does not stop someone who wants to leave you a bad review from doing so.

If they really want to leave you a bad review, they will track you down and do so, regardless of whether you gated them before sending to Google.

We’re also choosing which clients to put into this system, so will be excluding anyone with a poor experience.

To get your direct Google review link, use the following GMB Review Link Generator:


You can now insert this link URL into the email templates. Place it in the GMB Review image in Mail 1&2, and the URL link in Mail 3&4. Done!


Hopefully you’re seeing the simple but powerful detail in this strategy.

You will receive an excellent response by performing the above and will definitely increase your review numbers and bring in consistent new positive comments using the email templates and schedule provided.

It works really well for all our clients.


6. Streamlining

The ongoing campaign can be a lot to manage once you have multiple clients coming through at different times of the month.

We can use software apps to make this easier and more streamlined.

Your email program (Outlook, Gmail etc) may have a scheduling feature that you can use to set these up for clients after settlement throughout the month.

You may already have a CRM that you use in the business to manage your clients. Or even a broadcast tool to send newsletters.

These apps often have email scheduling capabilities and can be used to set up a campaign such as this.

If so, check out their features and you should be good to go.

If not, there are dedicated email marketing apps specifically built for automation and running email campaigns.

Aweber, Active Campaign, MailChimp etc are popular tools and run around $20 per month.

They come with native tutorials and are fairly straight-forward to get set up and running.


7. Bonus

The email outreach campaign above is the best kind of active system to bring in consistent new reviews, but there are other more passive ways to promote feedback and elicit a review from your clients.

Simply using the direct Google link you generated above in any of your current marketing media ie. Email Signature, Social Media, Printed Brochures etc. The options are endless, just add an appropriate CTA (call to action) alongside it.

The URL you generated above is quite long and unattractive. It wont be obvious if you use the link in an anchor text, but if you want to mask it to something a little more friendly, you can build a ‘shortened link’ or ‘link forwarder’.

Bit.ly is a very popular link shortening service that does this. Just sign up for a free account and create a custom link.

Eg. https://bit.ly/BrandReviewLink. If you want to get detailed, you can build several links for different promotion purposes and then track how many clicks you get on each of them!

Or if you’d like to keep the links branded, you can use your website domain’s DNS to set up a forwarding URL:


Talk to your website IT to help with this if unsure.



Use the templates in the Google Doc linked below to send your mail. You can customise the copy to make it more personalised, but try to stay with the basic layout and style.

>> Google Doc Email Templates

Just insert your Google Review Link into the images and link anchor texts in each mail and you’re good to go.


That’s it! Set up your Review Builder system and start improving your online reputation.

For any further information or help setting up your campaign, please reach out to me [email protected]

Or for a completely automated DFY service where we take care of all of this and more, check out our Reputation Management Service – https://aero-tech.com.au/reputation-management

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