Search Engine Marketing (SEM/PPC)

Search Engine Marketing PPC SponsoredSearch Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to promoting and advertising a website through Paid Listings on Search Engines (as opposed to SEO which promotes the un-paid listings). Commonly known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), you will see examples of these ads in the RHS column of a Google Search Result Page and in ad locations on many websites. They can be in the form of text, image and rich media ads, and should always be labeled ‘Sponsored Links’ at the top. Clicking will take you to the advertiser’s website.

Search Engine MarketingAs an advertiser, you bid on specific and relevant keyword phrases, where your ad placement is directly related to your bid amount. You can set your ad to appear on the ‘Search Network’ relevant to a user’s search query, or the ‘Content Network’ relevant to a website’s content. You pay the Ad Network for each click received on your ad, ranging anywhere from $0.01 cents to $3.00+ for each click. The higher the competition you’re bidding with, the higher your PPC click price will be to have your ads showing at the top. The major PPC Networks are Google AdWords, Yahoo! Advertising and Microsoft AdCenter.

Example. You sponsor the keyword ‘hairdressing’, and it costs 60c per click. If you spent $12 on PPC every day, then you could have 20 people sending you an enquiry every day. That’s a lot of new prospects for your business for a relatively low cost. What are new customers worth to you?

What Are the Benefits of Paid Advertising / Pay-per-Click / PPC?

  • Immediate exposure of your ads and instant traffic to your site
  • Your ads only display on relevant pages to your business type
  • Highly targeted visitors to your site
  • You can target the type of site you wish to advertise on
  • You can target certain countries, demographics and times of the day
  • You can set any size campaign budget per day and per month
  • PPC can lead to a lower cost-per-conversion than other advertising methods
  • Gives you live, raw data of who your customers are and how best to convert them

PPC offers the opportunity to capture any segment of the broad worldwide audience that’s actively looking for your products, services and information. It allows you to be pro-active about when and where a listing for your site appears. You have the ability to focus on Direct Response (purchase, sign up, quote) or Branding (raise awareness and visibility), and offers precise targeting and measurability. It’s possible to achieve a high ROI (Return On Investment) on a large scale.

Search Engine Marketing PPC AdWords

AeroTech offers specialised PPC Research and Campaign Management with Google AdWords to increase your exposure to targeted customers and increase the ROI of your online marketing efforts. Pricing will depend on your budget allowance per day/month.

Standard Ad-Hoc
Startup Fee $299 $299
Monthly Fee $119 10% of Budget
Budget per Day  >$40
Budget per Month  >$1200
Minimum Contract No Minimum No Minimum

Please contact me for more information on Search Engine Marketing or for your Pay-Per-Click PPC Advertising needs.


Ad Serving – Monetising Your Website

Search Engine Marketing PPC AdSenseDo you have a lot of traffic on your website? Do you run a news service, blog, forum, real estate, dating, job, information, or any kind of site that you don’t want customers distracted from the product?? Why not make your site an Ad Serving site. Just as PPC is explained above, you can make your own website a ‘Content Network’ for displaying advertiser’s ads. And just as the advertiser’s pay the Ad Program (Google AdWords) for each click, the Ad Program (Google AdSense) then pays you for showing the ads and generating the clicks. A very good way of creating extra revenue from your site.

AeroTech can set up and manage an Ad Serving Campaign for your website. There are many detailed techniques to setting up and tweaking a campaign to maximise your click-through-rate and earning potential. And tweaking the ads aren’t the end of it, there are very strict guidelines to follow when displaying PPC ads to visitors and only experience can prevent your account being shut down due to policy violation. It is advised to seek the services of a PPC Management professional.

Contact me for further information on monetising your site and exploring some additional revenue.

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