What is Search Engine Optimisation? Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is the technique of making a website achieve higher positioning on a Search Engine’s organic listings, when a user searches on terms related to the site’s content. SEO provides improved marketing ROI (Return On Investment) due to its cost-effective nature and is now a necessity for every business online today.
Why Do I Need Search Engine Optimisation? In this modern time of digital communication, people now use the Internet to seek their consumer needs, before even thinking about looking through the Yellow ‘Snail’ Pages and picking up the phone. Having websites displayed instantly in a Search Engine provides necessary information on products and services so people can assess their options and make a decision….before making contact. Given that more than three-quarters of all Internet users discover websites through Search Engines, it is paramount that your business be prominently positioned within these listings. Business Example: Your customer searches for your product or service in a Search Engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing), which then delivers them a listing of websites most relevant to their search query. Is your website one of those results?? If you haven’t done any Search Engine Optimisation, the answer is NO. So how will anyone find you after you’ve paid all that money on a good looking website? Imagine making up some brochures for your business….and then leaving them hidden in the office. How will your website of products and services reach your prospects, competing with the millions of sites on the Internet today. Is there any value in having a billboard in middle of the forest?!
And it’s not about reaching just a few more customers. With the connectivity of the Internet, your business can be listed at the top of the whole local, national and worldwide audience of consumers seeking your products and services. Are your competitors doing SEO? No doubt they’ll be thinking about it, if not already doing it. If you want to keep up with the competition and be at the forefront of your industry, Search Engine Optimisation on your website should be started immediately. Aero Tech’s SEO service initiates a specialised campaign for your site consisting of the most updated and web friendly methods to gain a wide variety of online presence, so the Search Engines will see your site as an authority in your industry and list you higher on their search results….driving more traffic to your website and more customers for your business.
Professional SEO Search Engine MarketingHiring a professional SEO service is critical for achieving the best results and staying ahead of your competition, as ranking factors continue to change and are becoming increasingly difficult to understand. Aero Tech only implements ‘white-hat’ SEO methods, ensuring your site adheres to the guidelines set out by the Search Engines and doesn’t get penalised or banned from their indexes. Aero Tech is dedicated to the Internet and constantly researching and developing the most effective SEO methods to stay updated in today’s competitive online world.

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