Advanced Web Ranking:

Do you own a website? Are you struggling to catch up with other competing websites? Are you using ancient ways to make your website known? Worry no more. With Advanced Web Ranking, you would get advanced and very helpful ways to get your website on the top of search engine results and keep them up there.

The Advanced Web Ranking tool is a complicated yet very powerful SEO software and keyword research tool once you get your head around it. Big websites are big fans of this tool, and it has been proven to be very effective and helpful with many aspects of site ranking. Would you want an idea on what keyword should you use for a web page? See how potential competitors are doing before you do what you’re about to do. Would you want an idea on how your competitors are doing? AWR wouldn’t give you an idea; it would give you a detailed analysis of the other guy.

With Advanced Web Ranking, you wouldn’t need to have to fumble about in the dark. It would shed light to those who know how to work with them, and this is fairly easy. If you want detailed information, you would have to pay the price. Don’t worry – the price wouldn’t come in dollars. You would be in for long waiting hours as it makes humanlike searches on the web, making the search and the information gathered very powerful information to know.

If you do not wish to wait, AWR would do it for you at times when you are doing something else, probably while sleeping or out somewhere. You could schedule a task to run on the background or not, depending on how fast or how detailed you want the job done.

The Current Rank function of the AWR is one of its most important tools. It is the main function of the software, and it lets you see how your webpage ranks against all others in a statistical form. If you are wondering how your competitors do it, AWR lets you keep track of keyword changes of a particular site.

Commercial users would analyze the reports made with AWR, and they would see their strengths and weaknesses regarding their website’s visibility, content, ranking and so much more.


Advanced Link Manager:

Advanced Link Manager is a powerful software made by Caphyon Limited. The product name is quite straightforward regarding its function and performance – it is a link manager for websites with advanced and helpful functions to help beginners and veterans alike in marketing their website or webpage.

If you’re serious about having your website generate traffic, you would have to get serious about your link building. These links are also called “referrers” and they are sites which points out to your homepage or a page on your website. If you are wondering how these things would affect your website, think about link popularity and exposure.

The advent of the internet has brought about millions of pages in thousands of websites all over the world. How would your website be any different? How would it be known? How would it attract attention? These are exactly the sentiments of thousands of website owners all over the world. And most people turn to SEO (search engine optimization) which is really helpful if you want your page to be on the top of search engine results.

It’s not about the content alone. Though the content could very much make visitors read your site and refer them to friends, it would be very hard without ever building links. Sometimes, the anchor text or the keywords would attract a person to your page, and that is how the Advanced Link Manager could help you.

As straightforward as the title, its functions are very dependable. Below are some very helpful functions of ALM.

  • The Backlinks Evolution function of the software could easily show you how your link popularity have increased or decreased. Graphed on a table that could date as far back as 6 months ago, it would give you a general idea on how your links are doing.
  • It is one thing to see how you’re doing, and it’s an entirely different thing to see how your competitors compare to you. With the Competitor Analysis function of ALM, you could see how your competitors are doing and just how they could do what they are doing.
  • The Contact Information function is another powerful tool. Relationships (or sometimes called affiliates) are very helpful things when it comes to website ranking. As with people, websites need to build relationships to be able to be well-known.

As a link manager, the ALM would show you just where you stand in the business. Is your website gaining popularity? How many websites on the thousands of the world are mentioning you or putting you in a link? Are your keywords even helping you gain popularity, or are they making you lose them? Everything that could possibly bother a website owner wouldn’t be bothersome anymore because ALM would say it straight to you.

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